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    Build Stronger Communities

    Clackamas County is blessed with natural beauty, rich history, and amazing people. Unfortunately, misguided policies imported from neighboring counties have driven us off course and the limitless potential of our county is being squandered. It’s our responsibility to leave future generations with better opportunities and brighter futures. We have all the raw materials and willpower to make it happen. We’re only missing the right leadership.

    The Challenge

    Oregon communities are reeling from staggering rates of homelessness, substance abuse disorders, drug-related crime, and economic decline that have harmed the livability of our communities. Clackamas County has managed to avoid the worst of the fallout from failed Portland policies, but we’re still far from where we should be. The most vulnerable members of society are suffering from acute housing instability, deadly drug addiction, and behavioral health issues. Families don’t feel comfortable walking around their own neighborhoods; and businesses feel hamstrung by unnecessary red tape and government overreach.

    Tina’s Plan for Building Stronger Communities

    Support Productive Family Services

    Restoration of our children and family services is essential to ensure that no need goes unmet. By getting rid of wasteful spending and redirect funding to effective programs, is exactly how this is achieved. A sustained a focus on improving our family services in Clackamas County can pave the way for a more successful environment where every child and family can thrive. 

    Support Law Enforcement

    Supporting our public law enforcement officials in both word and deed for a more secure community where people and families feel safe to live. It’s essential that we support and appropriately fund our police, hold criminals accountable for their actions, support victims and maintain a strong police force.  These are the cornerstones of a fully functioning and livable community.

    Remove Unnecessary Burdens

    Undo the administrative state so Clackamas residents and entrepreneurs can live their lives and pursue their goals without unnecessary burdens. Removing pointless taxes gives individuals, couples, and families more financial stability.  Axing overbearing regulatory burdens can lift the ceiling on economic development. Government needs to get out of the way so people can operate their businesses and people can support their families.

    Hold Public Officials Accountable

    Implement a comprehensive and transparent system for assessing the performance of public officials with a focus on fiscal responsibility. This accountability will increase trust in leadership while aligning elected officials and public representatives with the needs and wishes of the community they serve.

    Why Tina?

    As a proud mother, businesswoman, and vocal community advocate, Tina Irvine has seen glimpses of Clackamas County’s full potential first-hand along with the barriers standing in the way of realizing it. She’s running for position 4 on the Board of County Commissioners with the mission to make Clackamas a more livable community for everyone. That means safer public spaces, more freedom, fewer bureaucratic obstacles, and ample opportunities for personal, financial, and community growth.