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    News from the desk of Tina Irvine

    Build Stronger Communities

    Clackamas County is blessed with natural beauty, rich history, and amazing people. Unfortunately, misguided policies imported from neighboring counties have driven us off course and

    Permanently Stop Tolling

    Tolling is a non-starter for Clackamas County residents. What’s billed as a routine civic project is a regressive tax scheme that would extort the poor

    Improve Public Safety

    Safety is the bedrock of a livable community. When criminals get off scot-free and law enforcement doesn’t have the resources they need, everything falls apart.

    End Chronic Homelessness

    The Challenge: Homelessness has plagued communities throughout Oregon, and Clackamas County is no exception. Although we’re doing better than our neighbors, our community still has

    Reduce Drug Addiction

    Addiction happens on an individual level, but the effects extend far beyond the users, impacting family members, friends, and the broader community. It destroys futures,

    Reinvigorate Our Economy

    A strong economy is the backbone of a thriving community, enhancing the quality of life, increasing financial resilience, improving public services, and sustaining a sense