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    Improve Public Safety

    Safety is the bedrock of a livable community. When criminals get off scot-free and law enforcement doesn’t have the resources they need, everything falls apart. Families don’t feel safe to walk around their neighborhoods, businesses can’t operate without threats, and public services are strained, leading to a decline in overall community well-being and quality of life.

    The Challenge

    Oregon pioneered the drug decriminalization experiment with most hardcore drugs including heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine. This ideologically driven experiment coincided with fentanyl flooding into our neighborhoods and cities. Simultaneously, Multnomah and other surrounding counties stopped prosecuting violent crimes which skyrocketed following the legalization of killer drugs. Criminals are routinely released back onto the streets to terrorize innocent people after committing serious crimes. Clackamas County has been able to stave off the most damaging consequences of soft-on-crime policies and widespread drug legalization, but our community is still dealing with troubling rates of crime, addiction, and overdoses.

    Tina’s Plan for Improving Public Safety

    Support & Appropriately Fund Law Enforcement

    Equip every single law enforcement officer with the resources, training, and skills they need to maintain law and order. Clackamas County did the right thing by rejecting Portland’s failed soft-on-crime policies, but we need the right leadership to stand up against our neighboring counties and lead the fight to keep crime and drugs off our streets. Tina fully backs first responders in both her words and actions.

    Prosecute Criminals & Support Victims

    Prosecute criminals to the fullest extent of the law to deter would-be offenders and reduce repeat offenses. Provide the comprehensive, compassionate, and ongoing services victims need to recover from their harrowing experiences. We need criminals to know there are consequences and victims need to know there’s support.

    Improve Economic Opportunities

    Boost Clackamas’ economic opportunities by implementing workforce development and training programs, removing barriers to business growth, and unburdening workers from unnecessary taxes. A thriving economy that works for everyone can lead our entire County down a more prosperous path with reduced crime.

    Why Tina?

    As a long-term resident, Tina has experienced Clackamas County’s toughest challenges and highest triumphs. She’s worn many hats as a mother, volunteer, employee, and business owner in this county and has experienced the challenges of a struggling economy under each one. This holistic perspective gives Tina a unique window into the experiences of all Clackamas County residents.

    As the daughter of a retired police officer and military veteran, she understands the crucial role law enforcement plays in maintaining a safe community. These characteristics make Tina the perfect candidate to improve public safety and make Clackamas County a more livable community for all.