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    End Chronic Homelessness

    The Challenge:

    Homelessness has plagued communities throughout Oregon, and Clackamas County is no exception. Although we’re doing better than our neighbors, our community still has hundreds of chronically homeless individuals suffering from acute shelter insecurity. There’s a complex interplay of various behavioral health addiction and economic factors at the root of this issue which demands a comprehensive solution.

    High rates of homelessness have countless negative downstream effects including a strain on public services, increased public health risks, and decreased economic activity. Right now, Oregonians are facing one of the most severe homelessness crisis in the entire country, and the ramifications are unavoidable.

    Tina’s Plan for Ending Homelessness:

    Addressing Root Causes

    Address the underlying factors contributing to homelessness, especially substance abuse disorders and mental health issues. By tackling these fundamental causes, we can decrease housing insecurity and reduce chronic homelessness. While getting stable housing is a necessary step in recovery, addiction and mental health treatment must be prioritized — otherwise nothing will change.

    Personalized & Compassionate Treatment

    Offer compassionate support and personalized services that identify, respect, and address the unique needs of each individual experiencing homelessness. This targeted approach channels a range of supportive services including, addiction recovery support, behavioral health counseling, and proper healthcare treatment through an individualized approach to increase the chances of complete and sustained recovery.

    Responsible Housing Support

    Provide at-risk individuals with housing options at the appropriate time in their recovery process. This responsible housing support ensures people are equipped to make the most out of this crucial opportunity, especially when there are comorbid addictions or behavioral health struggles. It’s wholly unfair and fiscally irresponsible to thrust vulnerable members of society into housing situations they are not yet able to sustain.

    Economic Empowerment

    Tackle the economic component of homelessness by empowering homeless individuals through further education, job training, and employment opportunities. Creating viable pathways to economic contribution and financial stability is crucial for reintegrating people as productive members of society. This strategy will help end the cycle of homelessness while acting as a boom to the economy.

    Why Tina?

    As a proud Clackamas County resident, businesswoman, and mother, Tina Irvine understands how the epidemic of homelessness negatively affects all members of the community. Tina’s holistic and personalized approach deals with the foundational problems perpetuating the struggles of the most vulnerable members of our community.

    Furthermore, her experience in workforce development provides her with the unique insight and practical skills needed to solve the hitherto unaddressed economic component of homelessness. By lifting people out of this crisis and addressing the root causes, Tina’s solutions will get us closer to ending chronic homelessness once and for all.