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    Reinvigorate Our Economy

    A strong economy is the backbone of a thriving community, enhancing the quality of life, increasing financial resilience, improving public services, and sustaining a sense of possibility.  With a diverse array of industries and hard-working individuals, Clackamas County has all the raw materials for a booming economy, but we have been hindered from living up to our potential.

    The Challenge

    State and local governments have placed unnecessary obstacles on the path to economic success. Each passing year only brings more red tape, regulations, and taxes. These burdens deter entrepreneurship, limit business growth, and reduce employment opportunities. It’s not too late to steer Clackamas’ economy in the right direction for a better future.

    Tina’s Plan for Economic Revitalization

    Workforce Development

    Empower individuals to participate in a growing economy through comprehensive workforce development solutions, increased job opportunities, and job training programs.

    Small Businesses Support

    Make it as easy as possible for entrepreneurs and small businesses to succeed with strategic tax breaks, affordable loans and grants, and a streamlined licensing process.

    Attract New Investments

    Develop a pro-business environment with incentives to attract high-value industries to our region. Land use regulations are stifling our County’s ability to attract and retain businesses; we must continue to fight for control of our urban growth boundary. This influx of investments and businesses will stimulate the economy and provide more job opportunities.

    Reduce Regulatory Burden

    Remove the barriers to organic business growth by cutting back on the government’s expansive regulatory framework. By slashing unnecessary taxes, reducing frivolous spending, and removing unhelpful regulations, it will remove the limiting effects on our economic expansion.

    Why Tina?

    With years of experience running her own business, Tina understands the ins and outs of economic development first-hand. As a recruiter by trade, she has a proven track record of putting people to work in rewarding positions and helping businesses grow.

    Tina brings business acumen and real-world economic insights which the current Clackamas County Commission lacks. She’s ready to leverage her expertise to foster a thriving local economy by creating sustainable job opportunities and removing barriers to growth. It’s time to let the ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit of the community flourish.