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    Reduce Drug Addiction

    Addiction happens on an individual level, but the effects extend far beyond the users, impacting family members, friends, and the broader community. It destroys futures, loved ones, and possibilities. Clackamas County is at a critical juncture in its fight against the drug epidemic. The next step taken on this issue might just decide the outcome for subsequent generations.

    The Challenge

    Clackamas County residents are reeling from alarming rates of substance abuse and fatal overdoses. Drug decriminalization has increased the likelihood of addiction while making it easier to access drugs and harder to achieve full recovery. The cookie-cutter treatment and support programs in place don’t properly address the unique needs of individual patients.

    Tina Irvine’s Plan for Reducing Drug Use

    Personalizing Recovery

    Individualize treatment and recovery programs by addressing the unique needs and leveraging the personal strengths of each patient. Unlike a one-size-fits-all approach, this personalized strategy will yield higher recovery and lower addiction rates. 

    Leveraging Law Enforcement

    With the recriminalization of lethal drugs, we are once again empowering law enforcement officials to use all the tools and resources available to get addicts into state-sponsored recovery programs, prosecute manufactures and get drug dealers off the streets.

    Supporting Reintegration

    Reintegrate recovered individuals as productive members of society through job training programs and community engagement opportunities. This post-treatment support fosters a more vibrant and diverse economy while reducing the chances of relapse.

    Why Tina?

    Tina Irvine endured the devastating impact of the deadly drug policies firsthand when her brother tragically succumbed to a drug overdose. This profound tragedy has galvanized her mission to overhaul addiction treatment, utilize law enforcement effectively, and overturn the catastrophic decriminalization experiment. She aims to shield others from the same heart-wrenching fate as her brother and protect families from experiencing such profound grief.